What means it “Fabulous”

To paraphrase my then two-year-old eldest daughter, “What means it – fabulous“?

Well, according to oxforddictionaries.com the definition of fabulous is:


extraordinary: especially extraordinarily large: fabulous riches

very good; wonderful: a fabulous two-week holiday

having no basis in reality; mythical: fabulous creatures

I had to laugh when I looked that up just now.  I am totally in favour of fabulous riches, a two-week holiday would is just what the doctor ordered, especially a fabulous one but…. no basis is reality… hmmm!  Well we will see about that.

I have always had a flair for the dramatic so it makes sense to me that when searching for a word to describe my search for positivity I would come up with something a little outrageous, that nurtured my love of alliteration!

But will I know when I have found my fab?

I will, I do and I hope I inspire someone else to find his or hers too!


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