You look Fabulous

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!

Most of the time I schlep around in clothes that are chosen for two reasons – they are clean and they are comfortable.  I still wear my maternity clothes to the gym, I accessorise with a baby carrier and, given that most of the roads here are made from dirt and dog poo, my preferred footwear is a pair of rubber thongs (that’s Aussie for ‘flip flops’!).

However, this has been an unusually social week and I have had more than one opportunity to wash my hair, slap on some lippy and strap on a pair of pretty heels.

Mostly,  I limit my evening outings to one a week, if that.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE going out.  I love talking to grown-ups.  I love a glass of wine (or two) but the knowledge that I will lovingly be woken up by the princesses, who invariably rise at 5:30am when I have had a night out, keeps me sensible (most of the time).

But this week two lovely expat friends and their families are moving on to new adventures so I have been dragging my increasingly unimpressed liver out on a nightly basis to celebrate to their significant contributions, professionally and personally, to the community here.

Anyway, I digress (how surprising!).  

Being a small town and and an even smaller expat community, everybody knows everybody, at least on a superficial level. So, at these events, I have seen most of the wonderful women I know:  the gals I go to the gym with; the lady I see EVERY TIME I pop into the grocery store for milk; the teachers, doctors lawyers and other gifted women who work here ; my dear yummy mummy friends. All the ladies of the town have been out and about this week in their ‘posh frocks’.

…and all these women looked astonishingly beautiful.

I am not talking about their beautiful spirit , their compassion or strength of character (although, in many case’s I could).  I am being completely superficial. All of these women LOOKED amazing.

It was so affirming and fun to be in their company.  I wanted to be like them.  So I studied their secrets (red wine in hand) and this is what I learnt from looking at the pretty ladies this week:

  • Frocking up is meant to be fun. Revel in the opportunity.
  • Dress to make yourself happy, forget about trying to impress anyone else
  • Growing older isn’t growing ugly
  • Flaunt your assets  (don’t pretend you don’t know what they are)
  • Wear your battle scars with pride
  • Embrace your personal style, ignore fashion
  • Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

So thank you ladies to each and everyone of you I would like to say…



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