Caught on Camera

I am having a particularly fab free day.

The three little princesses have recommenced their daily 5:30am attacks and I have taken some serious damage. I don’t do predawn well (unless it is arriving home, hah, those were the days) For a while we had reach a truce and they were holding fire until around 6am (the sun is almost visible at this hour and I find it marginally more acceptable) but for reasons I cannot fathom, my daughters love to get up early and I have not yet found a strategy for change that works.

The bathroom scales, which I foolishly used today, have confirmed what I feared, the numbers have crept upwards over the last couple of weeks.

The weather is oppressively hot and I hate the heat.

… and I saw some photo’s this morning. In them I look old and ugly!

One click on an innocent link, and BAM…I feel like shit. I have been temporarily booted back into the darkness. Even as I type this, the black temptress that is my constant companion is beckoning me to join her.

Hey there ugly, you suck bitch, stop typing, come and join me, I am hosting a pity party and you are the guest of honour.

The thing is, I have a sneaking suspicion that I am not the first, nor the only woman to have felt this way. I think that almost all of us have fallen into despair after looking at a bad photo of ourselves. (Ok, maybe not Angelina Jolie or Kate Moss, but the rest of us)

MY reaction was, obviously, completely valid. I SHOULD crawl under a rock and die.

To all the rest of you… don’t be ridiculous, get some perspective, seriously you need a slap.

Have you ever noticed how children react to photographs of themselves? My beautiful and oft photographed daughters will squeal with delight when I show them the images I have taken. They are most excited by the ones of them dancing or leaping or making a funny face while wearing a pair of underpants on their head. But, I have to admit, I am guilty of trashing photographs of my girls simply because they don’t look as pretty as I think they should.

Two of my ‘bewdiful’ daughters.

I don’t want them to ever feel the way I did this morning. They will, no doubt, but I hope never over something a trivial as an unflattering photograph.

So I am not going to let it ruin my day…


I saw some photo’s this morning and I thought:

  • I need a haircut
  • The top I wore on Saturday is unflattering and needs to be altered or tossed
  • I am lucky to have such found such a fun group of friends so far from my home
  • Beer Pong was a hoot (yep, beer pong people, but that’s another story) I’m glad someone took a photo so I can remember that moment and smile.
  • My weekend was… fabulous!


Thanks for reading. I hope you find the fab in your day.


3 thoughts on “Caught on Camera

  1. Funny how photos can reflect what we chose not to notice in the mirror. If you’ve been destroying the less flattering photos of your girls, they are in for such a shock when they find out the camera doesn’t automatically produce model shots. And I bet even Kate Moss has her fat and ugly days – she’s trying to live up to air-brushing, professional makeup and flattering lighting – poor sod.

    • Kate is likely a little more savvy than me when the subject of candid photography!Though, from memory, she too has had some very public “uglies”.
      You made me think – Photo’s can also reveal the POSITIVE that we choose not to see in the mirror. It was also a photograph posted on FB that helped me to appreciate that my efforts at regaining my health and ‘fighting’ weight were starting to pay off. I couldn’t see that in the mirror. Women and our body dis-morphia. Why is it so hard to just observe and accept?

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