Hello Aunt Flo

Photo on 9-04-13 at 9.38 PMI have my period!

Let me lay out the pro’s and con’s of this particular occurrence.


  1. I am not pregnant


  1. I have blood coming out of my vagina
  2. I am bloated, dirty, spotty, sticky and gross
  3. I just ate around 15,000 calories of rubbish food and now I feel sick
  4. I am miserable
  5. I am NOT miserable because I have my period, I am miserable because I have every right to be miserable, so fuck off!
  6. I am depressed
  7. I am NOT depressed because I have my period, I am depressed because I have nothing of value to offer to anyone and I don’t really see the point anymore, so fuck off!
  8. I am probably going to cry
  9. I am NOT going to cry because I have my period, I am going to cry because 30 Rock is a poignant and moving program, so fuck off!
  10. I really need a cuddle
  11. I will scream if anyone touches me
  12. I will never feel like having sex again
  13. I still feel sick but I am going to eat more chocolate
  14. Did I mention there is blood oozing from my vagina!

Thanks for reading, now fuck off!


Actually, don’t do that! Please like, or follow or leave your comment below to let me know you care. Then you can fuck off!


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