Miss Polly had a Dolly

Photo on 12-04-13 at 8.50 PM

My baby Pigeon is sick.  She is really, really, sick. At this moment she lies beside me, half way between wake and sleep, shivering from the fever, which won’t quite break.  My heart has broken in pieces today as I held her hair up while she wretched uncontrollably into a bucket, as I sat in the clinic with her limp body curled in my arms, as I listened to her whimpering on the couch.  She is so small, so fragile, so very precious.

In a few days she will smile again.  She will argue with her big sister and refuse to eat her vegetables, she will chase her baby sister around the house shouting, “Get here you wicked baby!”, she will make up ridiculous songs about poo and farts and laugh hysterically at her own ‘sophisticated’ jokes about bottoms.  Everything will be back to normal.

I will never take for granted this fabulous gift  – my strong, able, healthy children.


Thanks for reading. Stay fabulous!


4 thoughts on “Miss Polly had a Dolly

  1. sending you love…and a little note to say I have nominated you for a ‘Versatile blogger Award’ – much deserved..when you have time, pop over to mine for more details. Thinking of you .. xxx

    • Oh, I don’t know what to say! I am not sure that a blog as young as mine is entitled to be nominated. You are so sweet. I am on holidays with my family at the moment and on a self imposed technology fast but logged on late last night and found this. Just FABULOUS!

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