And the Award goes to…

I have  been blogging for all of 40 days now so it would be fair to say that I am very new to the whole thing. Cruising the sites and reader on WordPress I feel very intimidated, shy and inexperienced.  There is a wonderful community of creative, talented people to discover: writers, photographers, artists.  I have only dipped my toe into the ocean of fabulous out there.

So you can imagine my shock and surprise when Kate from nominated 44andafourth for the blogger to blogger Versatile Blogger Award.

Before I do the things I need to do to accept this award, it is my prerogative to wax lyrical about the lovely Kate for a moment.  I have no idea how she stumbled across my site but she was the very first person (who wasn’t being forced to read because they know me) to post a comment.  On the advice of WordPress, (this message cracks me up!)

They thought “You Look Fabulous” was pretty awesome.  You should go see what they’re up to. Maybe you’ll like their blog as much as they liked yours!

I popped over to the site and lost the next couple of hours reading the archives.   I was tempted to shut down my page and simply post the following note:

Here it is people.  Search is over.  I found FABULOUS… just check this out!


Kate is a wonderful and genuinely ‘versatile’ writer with an artists eye and a fashion addiction.  She is a talented gifted artist, a dedicated mum and I should also mention that she and her creative partner-in-crime Anna are about to release their first collection.  That is incredible, amazing, inspirational and really, really cool.  They are following their passion.  They are actually doing it. I adore what they are working on and I think MasonBentley are  fabulousness!


So, according to the rules of the  Versatile Blogger Award  I have to tell the person who nominated me 7 things about myself.  It seems that people mostly pop this into a public post so here are some fun facts…

  1. I am not married.  G refuses to make an honest woman out of me.  Fifteen years of nagging has not weaken’d his resolve.  I even proposed to him on February 29 once, he turned me down. Now I have my three daughters on the case, so maybe one day I will get to wear a pretty dress and hear him declare, publicly, how wonderful I am!
  2. I studied Acting at a place called the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in Sydney, Australia.  It was a pretty impressive achievement to get in.  Sadly, I left at the end of my second year during my first battle with depression. I never returned to complete the final year and graduate. 
  3. Six months ago I ordered a Face Painting Kit online.  My children, my friend’s children and the children of random strangers are now my victims.  It is really fun!IMG_8860 IMG_8568 IMG_0778 IMG_8626photo
  4. I can speak Thai.  I am not fluent but I have enough to hold my own. High fives to me, cos I never thought I would get it on with a second language.
  5. I don’t like Christmas.  Bah Humbug!
  6. Sometimes, when my children are asleep I go into their room just so I can snuggle up close and smell them.
  7. My labours from start to finish have been respectively – 1hr & 45 minutes, 1 hr & 15 minutes and 45 minutes.  Some of my girlfriends hate me.

Also, I have to select 15 bloggers that I have liked or follow and nominate them.  I feel a bit weird about this because I have hardly begun to explore what is out there and I don’t think I am doing justice to the magical sites I haven’t yet found, nonetheless, in no particular order, here goes… I think you are all fabulous and I nominate you for a  Versatile Blogger Award.

Some of these sites have thousands of followers and have received many accolades already, they may not want to accept this little award but I like them so they can just suck it up and take the compliment!

  1. Zebra Garden   – where the wild things grow
  2. Wanderlustress – Life in Laos through the lens of a diplomatic wife raising twin toddlers
  3. Jogging Dad – Musings of a dad who runs from parenting, to become better at parenting
  4. Black Box Warnings – this blog is not FDA approved
  5. A Clown of Fire – Because Every Day is Fucking Magical
  6. Live, Nerd, Repeat – Making Life better through the perfect application of humor and nerdery
  7. FiftyFourandAHalf Full marks for blog title plus she gives some sweet awards herself
  8. Sips of Jen and Tonic – Writing that’s straight up with a twist
  9. She’s a Maineiac
  10. In Real Life – Kids, cupcakes and other Ramblings
  11. Fourtuitous – a glimpse at four women navigating change
  12. SoulemamaThis site is an institution and an inspiration
  13. Laments and Lullabies – stumbling through the infinite
  14. Toemail  – It just makes me smile
  15. Stuff Falang Likefor folk who live in Vientiane  

16 thoughts on “And the Award goes to…

  1. Miss Pip,
    This is awesome! Two of my bogs, PLUS my wife’s blog in your nominations. I feel all warm and fuzzy. But that’s from the heating pad on my lower back. Thank you mon amie. Le Clown doesn’t do awards, it’s a choice he has taken when he visited the north pole and didn’t see any penguins. But he appreciates the sentiment, and thanks you for thinking of him…
    Le Cllown

  2. Le Clown. Indeed you are the man. I have found you and your blogroll somewhat engrossing since I joined WordPress World…. or perhaps I just need to get out more.

  3. Thanks so much for this nod! I’ll be sure to put my imaginary trophy next to all the other imaginary awards on my imaginary fireplace mantel. Seriously, this made my day. Thank you!

  4. Miss Pip
    Thank you for your nomination, I am genuinely humbled by the nomination. Like you, I am intimidated by all the great bloggers out there but I figured someone mediocre has to be there to make them look good. Thank you once again and best of luck.

  5. Aw Shucks, Miss Pip, I’m speechless. Such good company — and so many new blogs to waste time with. Who needs to go to work?

    Seriously thanks for the nod. You have found yourself a group of fun folks on the nets with whom to spend time!

  6. We love the compliment and are blushing over here at Fourtuitous! We are so glad you stumbled upon us! We’re pretty new to this game, too, so we’re flattered that you chose to add us to your list of “FABULOUS.” We’ll be back again and again!

  7. Thank you not just for the award nomination but for making remember to be fabulous everyday.

    Btw, M has asked me to buy some face paint. I’ll be calling you for some lessons 😉

  8. OHMIGOODNESS. Why am I just seeing this now? My apologies. Thank you so much for nominating me!

    The fact that you simply ordered a face painting kit online and can create such beautiful art with it…I’m amazed. I’ve always wanted to be able to do fun stuff like that, but my artistic skills are ZERO.

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