Sick Bay

The Day Ward

Last week was pretty bloody miserable. There were more bodily fluids violently ejected from little bodies than in Monty Python’s “The meaning of Life”.  My mother, who is visiting, was overcome by a series of illnesses, culminating in something called tri-geminal neuralgia.  This left her incapacitated and plagued with absurd facial spasms that would have been funny had they not been so obviously painful.

I was not immune from whatever horrid bug has been working it’s way through our household.  For the record, I can confirm that nausea and cramping are even less pleasant when your abdomen is still healing from major surgery.

Around the time this plague of misery descended on our Big Wooden House, G left for a series of meetings in Australia.  Let’s just say I didn’t accept his absence graciously!

In the midst of it all I had to attend a series of handover meetings for a new (temporary) job, which involved juggling sick kids and popping pills to ease my own symptoms so that I could endure the hideously dull training sessions without hurling.

I would love to say I kept my sense of humour throughout.  I didn’t!  I was grumpy and, on more than one occasion, indulged in a little late-night pity-party for one.

I would love to say I tended my sick brood with only compassion and tenderness but the truth is that there were moments when I just wanted my exhausted, hungry, miserable. clingy, vomiting toddler to leave me alone for five minutes.

There is no denying that the last week sucked.  We all hate it when Daddy is away. Sick children break your heart.  Vomit smells bad. Dettol smells worse.  Feeling sick is… well… feeling sick.

But here’s the thing…

The last few days didn’t suck.

Unexpectedly, Daddy’s trip was shortened and he arrived home early.  I missed him so much. His return made all his girls so happy.

I have not opened a Dettol bottle since Monday.  Could it be we are all on the mend?

Going to work hasn’t been too bad. Despite the gear change it will mean for out household, I think it might be fun.

and here is the other thing…

The next few days are going to be great.

I just know it.


Thanks for reading.  Isn’t life FABULOUS?


5 thoughts on “Sick Bay

    • The bucket WAS compulsory, the colour a symptom of the overabundance of chicks in our household. We do three loads of washing in out house: whites, darks and pinks!!! sigh

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