Equal to None

Just like mum

Feeling just a little bit proud that this article I wrote was posted on World Moms Blog…

Click here to read – Equal to None


13 thoughts on “Equal to None

  1. Excellent points made throughout. Unfortunately, though gender roles are slowly declining, they still exist and people still cling to them. Hopefully we can achieve a truly gender-blind society as the 21st century progresses.

  2. Another ‘fab’ post, and look at your youngest, ‘the baby’ no longer! Your girls will grow up all the stronger and more resilient for having you as their mother and role model, and from the experience of living within other cultures.

  3. Pip – no comfort I know, but in Oz all I ever hear is how terrible it must be to have two boys, and how you couldn’t risk the chance of a third boy as no-one would ever invite you anywhere. I have to say I love that when we are in Asia my boys are somehow recognised not as a loss but as the prized jewels they are to me. Maybe you will experience the reverse if you ever come home! Xx

    • You might be right Mel, there is probably some sort of reverse bias happening now in Australia. Though in SEA, India and many other parts of the world boys are still seen as superior, sometime with drastic consequences. I don’t know why people feel the need to comment on the gender of our kids. It is such a pointless and intrinsically judgemental debate. I have never actually met anyone who isn’t ‘happy’ with their children, boys or girls. We are gifted with what we get and we get what we need.

      I hope that I can raise my kids to be proud of who they are and the strengths they have but also to respect and admire the qualities and strengths of those who are different from them.

      Much love to you and your fabulous boys.

  4. It’s Sunday!! It’s blinking early here in the UK (after a rather late night last night!!) I have my glass of gorgeous sparkle (read ‘hair of the dog”!) And now I’m going to have a bl**dy good browse around!! Sendig big love xxxxxx

  5. Hi! So nice to meet you through the Mason Bentley bloggers party! And congrats on having your blog posted on World Moms Blog: I think you deserve it, your family looks lovely. I’m actually hoping to travel to Laos (amongst other South Asian countries) in two years, it sounds like a dream! All the best!

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