Sober September

Three weeks in France.  C’était FABULEUX!  (FABULOUS)

Selfie with big tall thing in background!


We arrived home from aforementioned adventure, dirty, ratty and exhausted on Saturday afternoon.

I rallied, started sorting through the piles of washing, opened suitcases (then quickly closed them again), opened fridge, emptied three week old bottles of milk, calculated that we could not make it until tomorrow with the three nappies we had in the house and sent G into the afternoon haze to gather the essentials.

Our vegetable and herb garden had blossomed during our absence so I was actually excited about preparing dinner – Fish fillets slathered with homemade asian inspired pesto (coriander, basil, chilli, olive oil, cashew nuts and soy sauce),poached in coconut milk and served on a bed of steamed bokchoy.  Perfect with a crisp Australian Riesling… don’t mind if I do!

As I was popping my culinary creation into the oven, G returned home from his shopping expedition.

“Wine?”  I asked not bothering to wait for an answer as I splashed a liberal amount into a second glass.

“I’ve made a decision” he responded.  I froze, mid pour. Decisions are not G’s strong point.  They are invariably foolish and ill-considered.

“What’s that then, dearest?”

“Sober September”


“I’m sorry, dear heart, I’m not quite sure what you mean?”

“No booze for a month. Detox. Get healthy.  Go back to gym.  Are you in?”

“Sure. What the hell.  Sounds great. Answer my question, do you want a drink?”

“Of course, I do.  It ain’t September yet, Biatch.”

I didn’t think he was serious.  I didn’t really think at all.  I had always planned to step up my exercise routine now that the kids were back at school.  A few weeks of focused healthy eating was already on the agenda in order to shed the few pounds of croissant and french cheese that had adhered itself to my hips and butt during the holiday.  But stop drinking! Completely! Why?


Because, I drink too often and often too much.  Because my NEED for wine has exponentially increased every day of the school holidays (funny that).  Because the French have wine with lunch and I was all for embracing the local traditions!  Because the thought of doing this shouldn’t worry me as much as it does.

So I am in.  Sober September. 5 days down.

It could be the jet lag, the lingering cold or it could be the fact that I am not drinking but I have been tired, irritable all week and today had a killer headache for most of the morning.

Also, I could really smash a glass of wine right now.

How many more days to go?????


Thanks for reading, it is nice to be back again. Just in case you were wondering, the fish was fabulous.


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