Purple Corn Fritters…

We have a little garden at our big wooden house.  Actually, that is not entirely true.  We have a BIG garden at our big wooden house.  We also have a fabulous bloke called Kek who, along with his wife (who we fondly call Madame Kek) and his eldest daughter, Euyi, spend lots of time making sure the garden looks spick and span.

At the back of the garden is the veggie patch.  We built the beds not long after we arrived here in Vientiane.  Three solid years of composting absolutely everything has produced some luscious soil.

G, along with his daughters Pigeon and Chilli  (Monkey is not so keen to get her hands dirty) spend lots of time, every weekend, weeding and finding snails and worms, turning the compost and planting things to grow and eat.

My job is to turn the fresh produce into something delicious.

Last weekend, Chilli toddled up the stairs and deposited a bucket full of these at my feet.

Purple Corn. WTF!

They looked pretty weird and manky but the individual kernels were sweet and juicy.

I was rather proud of brunch that morning… colourful, healthy and it tasted FABULOUS.

Miss Pip’s Spelt and Purple Corn Fritters served with lao avocado, tomato, chilli salsa and natural yoghurt.


Have a fab day!


4 thoughts on “Purple Corn Fritters…

    • Sam. I will have to rack my brains for the quantities… A bit of this and a dash of that is not terribly informative… But will get the recipe ASAP!

  1. They look great all cooked up but at first glance I saw one of our formidable NYC cockroaches. Sorry! I have a grisly imagination. I used to imagine Heinz baked beans were little red beetles scurrying around my plate when I was a child and wouldn’t eat them. Clearly deep rooted issues concerning food and insects..:-?

    • I only just read this. LOL. Much of the food produced in our little garden looks like something from ‘Alien’. But with a little imagination it usually ends up turning into something fab!

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