I do love a Party!

It's never too early for sparkle!
It’s never too early for sparkle!

For all those visiting as part of the Maison Bentley Style blog warming party… WELCOME.

I am guessing that you haven’t been here before, why should you have? If you want to know a little bit more about me and this particular patch of cyberspace check out this.

As it happens, I am typing this from Yangon, Myanmar. My three little princesses and I, for reasons I obviously didn’t think through, are visiting with my partner, G, who was here this week on business.

Place… fabulous! Travelling with smalls…well… check this out! 

It is my absolute pleasure to be part of the PARTY. Kate and I discovered each other days after I started 44andafourth and I have been her cyber-friendly ever since… any friend of Kates as they say! This is how awesome I think she is.

Living as an expat in South East Asia has its ups and downs but this is my recollection of one of my favourite ups.. and a post I am very proud of.

I hope you get a chance to wander around a bit. Though I might be late (I am travelling on Sunday) I look forward to joining you all.

Happy blog warming!


14 thoughts on “I do love a Party!

  1. HAPPPPPY BLOG PAAAARTY GIRL!! Soooo glad you could make it! Mine is a large – ok, read bottle – of bubbly to celebrate another dose of madness and a very safe journey for you!! Who is that dishy DJ??! xxxx

  2. Hello! Nice to meet you! I’ll be looking round your blog so more, but I like what I’ve seen so far! Happy partying!! (I’m running out of exclamation marks…)

  3. Even if you’re late, methinks this bash is going to go on for days…or maybe that’s just me. There’s a quiet spot at the bar over by the cheese plant when you get here. I’m just mingling. I agree she is the hostess with the mostess, throws the best parties. I sat on Keith Richard’s knee earlier…He’s near the cheese plant too. Coincidence…

    • Keith is a cheeky bugger, just make sure he keeps his hands above the table… or don’t! I mean who am I to judge, Richard Burton has been reciting shakespeare into my ear for the last half hour and I don’t think his intentions are entirely honourable!

  4. Oooh late late late again. But I got to wandering around talking talking talking and here I am, is it really Tuesday morning? hee hic hee…I really love reading about your adventures.Keep up the good work! Cheers.

    • Thanks Laura Lynn! I am STILL wandering about the party… arrived late and just won’t leave! Perhaps it should really be called a ‘Happening‘. Nice to catch up with you again.

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