About me and my fabulous…

Hi. I’m Miss Pip.

When I started this blog I lived in Vientiane, Laos in a big wooden house with my partner of 15 years, our 3 beautiful daughters and our two well travelled cats.

It really is a big wooden house!
It really is a big wooden house!

I had been what is known in the expat world as ‘the trailing spouse’ for many years and have been lucky enough to have lived, for extended periods, in both Thailand and Laos.  All my daughters were born in Bangkok and would prefer sticky rice and fried chicken to pasta and cheese. I love South East Asia but I yearn for the comforts of home – sealed roads, clothes in my size and vegemite!

In 2012 I turned 40. Turning forty sucked.

For starters I was FORTY… and any woman who tells you she has joyfully embraced that milestone is fibbing a little bit!

I had a six-month-old baby, two toddlers, 15 unwanted kilos and bad hair.  I was unemployed and unfulfilled.  I had been dragged half way around the world (again) in pursuit of my partner’s brilliant career to a place that had yet to impress me at all. I was lonely. I was exhausted.  I was forty years old and I had no idea who I was or what made me happy. I was ashamed of who I had become.  I had thought I would be something more, something better, something… fabulous!

So I decided to change.  I decided to let go of the past, accept my present and embrace a future where I AM the most fabulous version of me that I can be.

So the countdown has started.  On 1 August 2016 I will be 44 years and 91 days old and I will be  FABULOUS!


In the last 18 months much has changed and much hasn’t.  The baby is now a toddler and the toddlers are now at school.  There are now only 5 unwanted kilos but I still can’t do a thing with my hair.  The big wooden house in Laos has been replaced by a small weatherboard cottage in Australia.  The cats have been adopted and are living their twilight years on Vientiane. They are missed.  I drive on sealed roads, buy vegemite at will and yearn for a roadside noodle stand or a spicy papaya salad and sticky rice.

I am still on the ‘other’ side of forty and still searching for fabulous, thought I fear I may not make the deadline!


When I can, it brings me joy to record the journey in all it’s messy, funny, crazy, hopeful, fabulousness.

I would love it if you decide to join me .  You might discover your own fabulous along the way.


27 thoughts on “About me and my fabulous…

  1. You’ll be fabulous because the girls will all be able to feed and clothe themselves…and will all be at school. You’ll have 6 fabulous hours to yourself, every day.

  2. Miss Pip you have always been one of the most fabulous people I know! I’m looking forward to reading about you being fabulous on this blog. Love you xxx

  3. Yes, they are totally fibbing. However, you’re well on your way to fabulous, from what I can see. I’m running the NYC marathon next Sunday–that’s what turning 40 did to me…Addled me brain!! You’re coping much better. Here, have some champers (sorry, I’ve been knocking them back at Maison Bentley bash and don’t want the party to stop!) To––hic!–40!

    • Jackie – sipping champagne and celebrate the biggest social event of the season with my own private after party! Good luck with the marathon. Fabulous effort. Some friends and I are aiming for the Siem Reap, Cambodia marathon this time next year but I will be the only one with a 4 in the age category.

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