My Secret Shame


I love Glee.

I love it.  I love it.  I LOVE it!

Talented little twenty-something ‘teenagers’ celebrating individuality, watching each others backs, falling in and out of love…and SINGING ABOUT IT.

Sometimes they also DANCE.  What is not to love?

I have even introduced Monkey and Pigeon to the joys of Glee. To be honest Pigeon could care less but Monkey is enthralled.

We have a bit of a Sunday ritual in our house.  When baby Chilli goes down for her afternoon nap we three girls sit on the couch and Glee it up while G sits at the kitchen table typing memos about ‘economic foreskins during the next fiscal aneurism’ and sticking a fork into his ears every time Rachel Barry breaks into a show tune.

There is only one thing I love more.  The Glee Project.  Oh manna from heaven!

G is out of town tonight and I have just acquired Series Two from unnamed sources so this evening, once the princesses are all tucked up safe and sound – turn out the lights, turn up the volume, bring this lady a glass bottle of shiraz and glee me baby, glee me!



Thanks for reading.  Have a fab day!


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3 thoughts on “My Secret Shame

  1. Just catching up on the latest episode of the aforementioned television candy and this week’s episode of ‘Glee’ is all about… drumroll please… Guilty Pleasures! Wham, Mannilow, The Spice Girls.
    I am channelling Glee… fabulous!

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