Well… she is a bitch

Is it possible to blame the cocktail of anti-flu drugs in my system yesterday for the awful rant I unleashed in this space.  Certainly, my miserable physical state was contributing to my general crankiness. This morning I reread my little tyraid and felt just awful.

It is true that getting ready to go on holidays is a painful process and that holidays with kids are not exactly relaxing in the traditional sense but I have been looking forward to this break for months.

Last night I was scared because every time we go on holidays things go pear-shaped.

This is a rare chance for us to be together as a family for more that one or two days.  The girls love our holidays.  G loves the adventure.  The only person with the power to ruin the whole schebang (Is that a French word!!!) is me.

But I am not going to do that this time.

We are going to Paris, how many people get to do that?

We are going to holiday in a house in the French countryside, how many people are lucky enough to have that opportunity?

We are leaving Vientiane (which has been getting me down lately), that is just what I need!

I am going to get the packing down today, I always do.

We are going to get on that plane and this time tomorrow I am going to be in Paris.

PARIS, I can feel the first stirrings of excitement in my loins.

Maybe it is time I put all the work I have done in the last year into practice….

My family doesn’t deserve to have their holiday ruined because I am a grumbly, selfish, ungrateful bitch.

My family deserve to holiday with someone FABULOUS.


Righto, see you later folks.  I am off to France.



4 thoughts on “Well… she is a bitch

  1. Good on you Pip! And I am very jealous that you’re going to Paris! True family holidays can go pear-shaped but there will also be special moments that only you, Glen and the kids will share forever, and laugh about when retelling these stories later on in life. It’s those moments that you will treasure forever.

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